Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The French push the Beersteiners back

The Beersteiners brace for the French attack on their right flank.
The British Brigades hold of the French advance in the center.
The Beerstein Cuirassier ride down a French Brigade, but are met by French Cuirassiers.
French Artillery destroy Beerstein Brigades in advance of the French charge.
The French defend Heineken Abbey as the British are victorious in the center.
Duc de Joseph rallies his victorious Cuirassiers.
The French Artillery continue to pound the hapless Beerstein Infantry Brigades.
The British and Beerstein troops are forced to retire under cover of darkness.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The French are coming, the French are coming!!!

A Small French Army has crossed the frontier into the Barony of Brewswick. Beerstein and British troops move to confront the "Bloody French" as they advance on Heineken Abbey.
 Beerstein Infantry move up to support their Cuirassiers on their right flank.
More Beerstein Brigade advance through a farm village near Heineken Abbey.
British troops rush to the Heineken Abbey Bridge to stop the French.
French troops can be seen moving through the Village surrounding the Abbey.
More French Brigades supported by artillery advance west of Heineken Abbey.
French troops use a bridge and a ford to cross the Heineken Abbey stream.
French Dragoons prepare to charge the British across a bridge, they will be defeated.
Grenadiers of France and another brigade advance on the British.
Swiss troops cross another bridge supported by artillery and Cuirassiers.
The French left flank move forward to engage the outnumbered Beersteiners. An after action will be posted later.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bade Assen a near run thing

Austrians advance on the allies right flank.
Austrians continue to move forward on Windmill Hill.
The French advance on their right flank skirting the village of Bade Assen.
The French Guards Brigade and a Line Brigade advance in the center.
Austrian Cuirassier and French Dragoons about to come to blows.
The French study the Allies center as the Grenadiers move through the cornfield.
The French move through Bade Assen to assault a Beerstein Brigade and Grenadiers.
The French advance on their right flank is met by a Beerstein Brigade.
The French Dragoons are routed by the Austrian Cuirassier who flank the Irish Brigade.
The French center has been routed by the valiant Austrians and are forced back.
The French right flank see off a Beerstein Brigade but are fought to a draw. In the end the French were forced to retire leaving the field to the Austrians and Beersteiners.