Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Battle of Ostendorf

Prussians and Lorraine troops fight at Ostendorf.
Lorraine left flank with lights deployed in cornfield.
Prussian left flank facing Ostendorf.
Lorraine right flank in front of Ostendorf.
Lorraine center of the line.
Prussian Command in Chief on a hill surveying the battlefield.
Prussian right flank advancing in column.
Prussian right flank as seen from behind their line.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reich Duke Wilhelm forced to retire from Dottingheim.

Beerstein's Coors Cuirassier retire after defeating Lorraine Dragoons and Infantry.
Reich Duke Wilhelm watches his Landbier Grenadiers being repulsed.
Beerstein Leib Uhlans observe Lorraine's advance on Dottingheim.
Beerstein Isenbeck Infantry advance to fire on Lorraine's Grenadiers.
Honorable Pensioners and Landbier Grenadiers are forced to retire.
The Leib Uhlans are forced to flee to the safety of Dottingheim.
Lorraine's Hussars pursue the Leib Uhlans through the streets of Dottingheim.
Lorraine's Chablis Infantry regiment prepares to triumphantly enter Dottingheim. 
Lorraine Dragoons attempt to surround the Beerstein Grenadiers and Guards.
Although the Beerstein forces won every engagement on their left flank, the Lorraine forces were too well led. Reich Duke Wilhelm was able to withdraw under cover of darkness.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Initial troop deployments for the Battle at Dottingheim.
 Beerstein Honorable Pensioners marching from their camp.
 Beerstein Landbier Grenadiers Marching toward the Lorraine forces.
 Beerstein Oldenberg Grenzers arriving on the Beerstein left flank.
 The Amstel Howitzer ensconced in a redoubt.
 The Isenbeck Infantry taking the field.
 Lorraine Infantry crossing a bridge on their right flank.
 More Lorraine Infantry using a ford the cross the river.
 Another view of the Lorraine army advancing.
 Beerstein Corona Cuirassiers watch Lorraine Dragoons deploy for battle.
 Lorraine Light Infantry prepare to hide in a corn field.
Beerstein Uhlans deployed on the left flank in front of Dottingheim.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beerstein Artillery in action at Dottingheim

The top photo is the Slitz Battery in front of Dottingheim.  The center photo is the Ales Battery in support of the Landbier Grenadiers. The last photo shows the Amstel Howitzer defending the left flank.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Prussian Garrison Units get new colors

Sir David provided new flags for my Prussian Garrison Unit. Thanks!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hesse-Boozewick vs Muskovia

Although it was a near run thing, Hesse-Boozewick was able to see off the Muskovian
Hesse-Boozewick heavy cavalry on the move
A view of the Hesse-Boozewick line from the Muskovian side
The Muskovian Line as seen by the Hesse-Boozewick side
The Muskovian Heavy Cavalry
A closer look at right flank of the Hesse-Boozewick troops
Hesse-Boozewick Hussars
Hesse-Boozewick on the attack
A View down the battle line
Muskovian Heavy Cavalry and Infantry advance to meet the Hesse-Boozewickers
The  Muskovian right flanks advances past a small village
Hesse-Boozewick and Muskovian Hussars about to close
A closer view of the Muskovian right flank about to be attack by heavy cavalry
Hesse-Boozewick Infantry left flank moves up to cover their heavy cavalry
Hesse-Boozewick heavy cavalry retire