Friday, October 5, 2012

Austrian Allies prepare for the Prussians

 Austrian Center deploying for battle
 Austrian left flank, Grenadiers near farm with Dragoons up front
 Austrian right flank anchored by Cuirassiers and three lines of infantry
 The Prussians deploy their right flank, a frightful sight indeed
 The Prussians advance on their left flank
 The Austrian left flank steady themselves for the Prussian assault
 The Austrian right flank as seen by the Prussians
 The Austrian right flank advances without fear
 The Austrian center prepare for battle
 Looking down the Austrian line
A final look at the deployed Prussian right. More photos as the battle ensues.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reich Duke wins first battle in new war room!

 Prussian Grenadiers and Fusiliers emerge from a small village in the center.
 On the Prussian right flank, the Musketeers advance behind their Jagers.
 Prussian Cavalry and Artillery advance on the extreme right flank.
 Lorraine Brigade anchosr the Austrian right flank supported by artillery.
 The Hungarian Brigade holds the center with Heavy Cavalry on their left.
 An Austrian Brigade holds a village on their extreme left with one gun.
 Combined artillery and infantry fire devastate the Prussian left flank!
The lead Cuirassiers were routed by the Prussian Grenadiers, but they were routed in turn by a bold attack of the red Hungarians.
 On the Austrian left the Grenzers were pushed back, but the Line fought the Prussian Musketeers to a draw.
 After the Horse Grenadiers were force back by the Austrian Infantry, they formed up with the Lancers to renew their attack.
 The Austrian Line were overwhelmed by the combined cavalry attack.
After a valiant fight, the Austrian Infantry regroup behind the village they defended so well.
The last Prussian Musketeers supported by one gun cover the Prussian retreat. A spirited affair indeed!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reich Duke Wilhelm opens his new war room!

                                          Reich Duke Wilhelm's "I love me wall"!
                                         War game table surrounded by books.
                                         The Olympics watching over the war game table.
                             A comfortable chair to read in or watch the big battle.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Reich Duke Wilhelm turns 65 today

Reich Duke Wilhelm celebrated his 65th birthday at his Military Arsenal of Kronenberg. Copies of Charles Grant's War Game Rules and his account of the Wolfenbuttel War arrived to mark the occasion. Also, David Dugas, of Lead Gardens, sent reinforcements to the Beerstein Army which arrived as another gift. All in all, it's not so bad being officially old. The Reich Duke cannot wait to stage a military review of his new reinforcements. Unfortunately, his chateau is undergoing a major remodeling which has disrupted the parade ground. Paintings of the review will be posted as soon as possible.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Military review at the Kronenberg Arsenal

Reich Duke Wilhelm raises his tankard to the Beerstein Infantry Brigade.

The Landbier Grenadiers pass in review.
The Isenbeck Musketeers pass under the gaze of the royal retinue.
The Guinness Musketeers honor the Reich Duke and Duchess of Beerstein.
The Warsteiner Fusiliers parade in front of the Kronenberg Arsenal.
The Carlsberg Musketeers match on.
Graf James von Beerstein leads the heavy cavalry.
The bold Kronenberg Cuirassiers troops in front of their barracks.
The Pilsner Horse Grenadiers are the "Pride of Beerstein."

Friday, March 2, 2012

Minister of War reports Franco-British Battle

A view of the French Left flank with the French and Swiss Guard up front.The French right flank is anchored on a small village, however fail to advance.The British right flank advanced attempting to maneuver around the French line.A Brigade of French Heavy Cavalry are moving to block the English right flank.On the British left flank, the Hanoverian Heavy Cavalry advance.The British Heavy Cavalry force the French Cavalry to retire. Having been roughly treated by British Infantry fire prior to being charged by the British Cavalry, they could not stand.Another view of the British advance on the right flank.The Hanoverian Cavalry prepare to attack on the left flank. The regiment on the left was shot to pieces by the French Infantry, but the regiment on the right caught a French Infantry Battalion in the flank destroying it. On a break through charge they were also able to see off a pesky artillery battery.The British right flank continue to envelop the French left. The French Cavalry are about to be forced back again.After a brilliant charge, the Hanoverian Cavalry are finally overwhelmed and forced to retire.The British right flank have really won the day!On the far left flank on the British line, the Hanoverian Guard Grenadiers made a magnificant stand. Despite multiple attacks, they maintained their morale and held their ground. They were clearly the best allied infantry unit and earned a battle ribbon for their courageous actions.