Monday, November 24, 2008

King Ludwig of Bavaria offers military assistance!

King Ludwig of Bavaria exercises two Infantry Brigades and his Cavalry in preparation for a possible campaign in the Barony of Brewswick.

Two Bavarian Infantry Brigades and a 12 pound foot battery being deployed.

Two Bavarian Infantry Brigades and their artillery on the march. The near brigade is comprised of the Prinz Maximilien Musketeers, the Preysing Musketeers, and the Bettendorf Musketeers.

Herzog Xavier's column led by Morawitsky's Grenadiers, followed by the Maffey Musketeers, the Leib Musketeers, the Holenstein Musketeers, and Capt Minucci's Battery.

Herzog Clemens' Brigade formed into line of advance.

General Babb leads the Bavarian Cavalry comprised of the Leib Horse Grenadiers, the Taxis Kuirassiers, the Lutzberg Kuirassiers, and the Prinz Hohenzollern Dragoons.

General Babb's Bavarian Cavalry deployed into a line of battle.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

British and Hanoverian forces near Barony of Brewswick

British Foot Guards
British Foot Grenadiers
Argyll's 3rd Foot
North's 10th Foot
Royal Irish 18th Foot
Hamilton's 34th Foot
42nd Highlanders

British Horse Guards
Lumley's 8th Horse
Hay's Dragoons
Essex's Dragoons

Hanover Foot Guards
Hanover Foot Grenadiers
Hanover Regt Mechlemburg
Hanover Regt von Tozin
Hanover Regt von Goden

Hanover Grenadiers zu Pferde
Hanover Horse Regt Hammerstein
Hanover Horse Regt von Groden
Hanover Dragoon Regt von Pentz
Hanover Dragoon Regt von Voigt

Photos of these units was accidently posted on the Osterreich Uber Alles site

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This date, the Reich Duchy of Beerstein Reichstadt affirms F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm's decision to mobilize all military units. Maj Gen Reich Graf Adolph von Coors, Baron von Blatzberg, from the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein is appointed Commander of the Corps of Observation. His Corps to consist of two brigades of infantry, one brigade of heavy cavalry, and two artillery batteries is to march to the Barony of Brewswick immediately. Maj Gen Ludwig Third Baron of Brewski is appointed Commander of the Corps der South. His Corps of one infantry brigade, one heavy cavalry brigade, and one artillery battery is to support Prinz Geoffery of Cavenderia should he seek our assistance against the dreaded Dey. F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm will assume personal command of all remaining troops to be deployed at his discretion.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

General Reich Graf James von Beerstein returns covered in glory!

Our beloved brother, General Reich Graf James von Beerstein, recently led a successful expedition in support of Elector Ulrich von Luftberg’s campaign against the Kingdom of Aschenback. In recognition of the stout defense of our infantry during the Battle of Althirschburg, Reich Graf James was awarded the newly instituted Luftberg Order de l’Ananas. Upon the strong recommendation of James, Brigadier General Ludwig Third Baron of Brewski is promoted to Major General of Cavalry and is inducted into the Order of the Goblet. Battle Streamers are also awarded to the Landbier Grenadiers, the Warsteiner Fusiliers, and the Michelob and Lowenbrau Musketeers.

On a more somber note, Reich Graf James reports that British, Hanoverian, and Dutch troops were massing on the border of our Protectorate; the Barony of Brewswick. Although the Prussians have long claimed ties to the Barony of Brewswick, the terms of their recent defeat precludes them from directly intervening in the Reich Duchy of Beerstein’s area of influence. Clearly the Prussians have sent their allies to do their bidding. While this disturbing report was immediately sent to the Reichstag for action, Reich Duke Wilhelm has ordered all military units to begin mobilizing.

Reich Graf James parades his victorious infantry for Reich Duke Wilhelm

Major General Ludwig Third Baron of Brewski presents his heavy cavalry

F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm toasts the units that were sent to assist our gallant allies