Thursday, December 24, 2009

All of Beerstein wishes you a Merry Christmas!

All of Beerstein wishes our friends and allies a very Merry Christmas and to our foes a Happy Helladay and Bah Hum Shit.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hesse Holstadt becomes Hesse Boozewick

The Covenant of Colon announced the death of Prince Holstadt at the Battle of Hoegaaden against the forces of the Reich Duchy of Beestein. Since the Prince had no heirs his lands have been ceded to Lord Calvert von Boozewick. Paintings of the new Hesse Boozewick army will be posted over the next week as our spies submit sketches to the Reichstag. However, we now know the composition of the Hesse Boozewick army:

Commander in Chief: Marshal, Lord Calvert

Brigadier, Prince Jack Daniels
Crown Royal Garde zu Fuss, Glenlivet Fusiliers, Meyers Musketeers, Schenley's Musketeers, Jagermeister Jagers

Brigadier, Baron Johnny Walker "Black"
Glenfiddich Grenadiers, Seagrams Fusiliers, Murph's Musketeers, Ballantine Musketeers, Jameson Jagers

Brigadier, Graf Hiram Walker
White Horse Grenadiers, Chivas Regal Cuirassiers, Teacher's Cuirassiers

Brigadier, Graf Jim Beam
Dalmore Dragoons, Dunhill Dragoons, Dewar's Uhlans

Captain Morgan will serve as the Chief of Artillery

Monday, December 21, 2009

Brigadier, Sir David Linienblatt liberates Alesgarden

Brigadier, Sir David Linienblatt's Foreign Legion has liberated the Barony of Alesgarden. Although reports are still coming in, all of Beerstein rejoices! Reich Duke Wilhelm has invested Sir David with the Military Order of the Golden Crown for his outstanding campaign against the the Covenant of Colon's Hesse-Holstadt forces. During the Battle of Hoegaaden, Prince Holstadt was killed by a burly sergeant of the Dun Haggis Highlanders. Sergeant Patty McDuff will be presented to Reich Duke Wilhelm during the annual Christmas festival of the Beerstein holiday tree.The untimely death of Prince Holstadt has serious damaged the Hesse-Holstadt alliance.