Thursday, December 24, 2009

All of Beerstein wishes you a Merry Christmas!

All of Beerstein wishes our friends and allies a very Merry Christmas and to our foes a Happy Helladay and Bah Hum Shit.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hesse Holstadt becomes Hesse Boozewick

The Covenant of Colon announced the death of Prince Holstadt at the Battle of Hoegaaden against the forces of the Reich Duchy of Beestein. Since the Prince had no heirs his lands have been ceded to Lord Calvert von Boozewick. Paintings of the new Hesse Boozewick army will be posted over the next week as our spies submit sketches to the Reichstag. However, we now know the composition of the Hesse Boozewick army:

Commander in Chief: Marshal, Lord Calvert

Brigadier, Prince Jack Daniels
Crown Royal Garde zu Fuss, Glenlivet Fusiliers, Meyers Musketeers, Schenley's Musketeers, Jagermeister Jagers

Brigadier, Baron Johnny Walker "Black"
Glenfiddich Grenadiers, Seagrams Fusiliers, Murph's Musketeers, Ballantine Musketeers, Jameson Jagers

Brigadier, Graf Hiram Walker
White Horse Grenadiers, Chivas Regal Cuirassiers, Teacher's Cuirassiers

Brigadier, Graf Jim Beam
Dalmore Dragoons, Dunhill Dragoons, Dewar's Uhlans

Captain Morgan will serve as the Chief of Artillery

Monday, December 21, 2009

Brigadier, Sir David Linienblatt liberates Alesgarden

Brigadier, Sir David Linienblatt's Foreign Legion has liberated the Barony of Alesgarden. Although reports are still coming in, all of Beerstein rejoices! Reich Duke Wilhelm has invested Sir David with the Military Order of the Golden Crown for his outstanding campaign against the the Covenant of Colon's Hesse-Holstadt forces. During the Battle of Hoegaaden, Prince Holstadt was killed by a burly sergeant of the Dun Haggis Highlanders. Sergeant Patty McDuff will be presented to Reich Duke Wilhelm during the annual Christmas festival of the Beerstein holiday tree.The untimely death of Prince Holstadt has serious damaged the Hesse-Holstadt alliance.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Brigadier, Sir David Linienblatt crosses River Ales

Brigadier, Sir David Linienblatt and his Aide Capt Brewer cross the pontoon bridge over the River Ales into the Barony of Alesgarden. The St. Pauli Pontooniers and the San Miguel Pioneers labored hard the complete the span.

Sir David's Dragoons utilized the ford to cross the River Ales, as the Saxe-Bearstein Infantry cross the pontoon bridge. Bree's Battery covers the Foreign Legion's river crossing.

Another view of the crossing showing the deployment of the Engineers and the Monte-Cristo Vivandiere supply train. The Frankszonian Infantry are preparing to form column to cross into the Barony of Alesgarden.

A view of the Dun Haggis Highlanders forming into line after crossing the River Ales.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Maj Gen von Coors forced back to River Amstal

General Graf James von Beerstein reviews the campaign in the Barony of Alesgarden. He has ordered the Beerstein Foreign Legion to the Barony of Brewski to guard the River Ales approaches. Sir David Linienblatt inhader of the Beerstein Honourable Pensioners has been promoted to Brigadier General to lead this force. The St. Pauli Pontooniers will accompany the Legion to facilitate crossing the River Ales if necessary. Graf James will lead additional forces into the Barony of Brewswick to defend the River Amstal approaches. He has sent an urgent request for Reich Duke Wilhelm to return as soon as possible. The Beerstein Reichstag has been called to session to deal with this crisis.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beerstein Expeditionary Force enters Alesgarden

Brigadier General Barley Anheuser, a motivated political hack, proudly leads his Second Brigade: the Olendenberg Grenzers, the Isenbeck Musketeers, the Pabst Musketeers, and his supply train north through the Barony of Alesgarden. He recently got a report that a captured Hesse-Holstadt agent had escaped with the help of an unidentified foreign cavalry unit.

Brigadier General Lager Biermann, the steady and reliable Commander of the First Brigade, crosses the River Amstal under the protection of the Warsteiner Fusiliers.

In preparation for the river crossing, Brigidier Biermann deployed the Blatz Artillery battery and sent the Warsteiner Fusilier across the bridge first to protect the Landbier Grenadiers and his Monte-Cristo Vivandiere supply train.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prinz Wilhelm II joins Maj Gen von Coors as Aide

Prinz Wilhelm II von Beerstein leaves the University of Pabst to join Major General Adolph von Coors as his Aide for the upcoming campaign in Alesgarden. Young Wilhelm is on the right pointing out something of interest to General von Coors.
Brigadier General Baron Ludwig von Brewski and his Aide Captain Moore Hops will command the Cavalry for the expedition. Baron von Brewski is an aggressive combat commander who earned his promotion on the battlefield, at the River Ales crossing, against the dreaded Prussians.

The General and his Aide lead the Corona Cuirassiers.

A closeup of the Falstaff Dragoons with their new battle ensign.

The proud Holstein Leib Hussars will screen the army as it advances into Alesgarden.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hesse Holstadt incursion uncovered in Alesgarden

It has been reported that several Hesse Holstadt agents have been detained in Alesgarden and at least one horse unit was sighted near Hoegaaden. In response General Reich Graf James, acting in Reich Duke Wilhelm's absence, has dispatched an ad hoc force to secure the province. The force will be lead Major General Adolph von Coors, a highly competent veteran of many battles. His two infantry brigades will be led by Brigadiers Anheuser and Biermann, while his cavalry will be commanded by the aggressive young Brigadier Ludwig Third Baron of Brewski.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grand Duke Karl awards Reich Duke Wilhelm the Freundshaft Order of Hetzenberg

The College of Honors has received Grand Duke Karl's Freundshaft Order of Hetzenberg awarded to Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein. Since the Reich Duke is currently in the field, reportedly near the village of Alt Kirchendorf, the College of Honors will display this prestigious award in the Great Hall of the Reichstag.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reich Duke Wilhelm invested into the Order of the Black Pelican

The King of Syldavia invests Reich Duke Wilhelm into the Order of the Black Pelican, Syldavia’s most ancient and noble chivalric order. Reich Duke Wilhelm to dispatch his esteemed Ambassador, Graf Luger von Ales to establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Syldavia.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Surprise arrivals!!!

A generous gift of Vivandieres sent by Louys of Monte-Cristo. A wonderful surprise from a good friend. Hopefully the artist will do justice to this gallant gentleman!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Look who arrived at our training area bearing gifts

The Laird of Saxe-Urqhuart, thrifty Scot that he is, hired out an excellent Battalion of Dun Haggis Highlanders to the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. As they march into our training area, they are accompanied by two Vivandieres sent by Louys of Monte-Cristo.

The Saxe-Urqhuart Dun Haggis Highlanders form into line, as adoring locals look on. However, it is the Monte-Cristo Vivandieres' gift of a large keg of single malt that will win everyones gratitude.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Should the Reich Duchy of Beerstein hire Highlanders?

The Laird of Saxe-Urqhuart, thrifty Scot that he is, is considering hiring out Highlanders to the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. The tenacious reputation of these lads would certainly bolster our troops!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Three more battalions join the Army of Beerstein

Presenting the newest three battalions for the Army of Beerstein.

The Oldenberg Grenzers.

The Warsteiner Fusiliers.

The Beerstein Honourable Pensioners, Senior Battalion of the Army of Beerstein. Sir David Linienblatt of Tippelbruder, Grand Master of the Order of the Goblet, named Inhaber of the Beerstein Honourable Pensioners.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Reich Duchy of Beerstein's Foreign Legion at full strength

Fri Herr Hurlip Braunswiger-Yech, Inhaber of the Frankfurter Bad Rotten Muskytears arrives at the Beerstein Military Training Area.

The Princess Haley's Hussar Squadron from the Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales completes the Legion's Cavalry Brigade.

The Kingdom of New Wales contributed two units to the Legion, two six pound sections of Bree's Battery and the newly arrived First Squadron of the Princess Haley's Hussars.

The proud infantry brigade of the Beerstein Foreign Legion.

The newly completed cavalry brigade of the Beerstein Foreign Legion.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Three more units arrive to join the Beerstein Foreign Legion

The Principality of Andorronia's Royal Almughavars Mountain Fusiliers arrive in our training area to join the Beerstein Foreign Legion.

Saxe-Bearstein's Regiment von Schafbock also marched proudly into our training area. Colonel von Schafbock was pleased his battalion was not confused with the renowned von Carling Regiment despite the similarity of their uniforms.

The 4th Dragoons of the Republic of Neues Sudland, nicknamed "The Ponces", form the first squadrons of Beerstein's Foreign Legion.

The 4th Dragoons await the announcement of which ally will volunteer a light cavalry unit to fill out the cavalry brigade.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The first two units of the new Beerstein Foreign Legion arrive

The Second Battalion of Stummel's Regiment, Frundsberg Frei Stadt march proudly in line.

Frundsberg Frei Stadt form column of march.

Bree's Battery, Royal Regiment of New Wales Artillery, Holy Moroan Kingdom take up their position while the Frundsberg Infantry march past.

Parting shot of the first two units of the newly established Beerstein Foreign Legion.

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Brigade Reports For Duty

Four Infantry Battalions arrive in training area

Lowenbrau Musketeers sport new uniforms and flags

Guinness Battalion also show off new flags

Leib Grenadiers are the senior infantry battalion

Amberbock Fusiliers fire their first round in new uniform

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A glorious night in Monte-Cristo

Reich Duke Wilhelm's Grand Tour visits Monte-Cristos renowned theater for an inspired opera!
After the spectacular performance at the theater, a late night of gambling in Monte-Cristo's famous Casino. A grand time was had by all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Reich Duke Wilhelm turns SIXTY TWO

Reich Duke Wilhelm turns sixty two! Social Secuity has been notified. Life is good and as is well in Beerstein.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reich Duchy of Beerstein survives first year

The Reich Duchy of Beerstein has survived it's first year! It doesn't seem possible that it's been a year since Sir David, of Not by Appointment, convinced me to start this blog and walked me through the steps to make it happen. It is impossible to thank everyone for all of the joy and comradere that has been shared here, but let me just say this year will be even better with your participation. On behalf of Reich Duke Wilhelm and all his subjects, thanks again!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reich Duke Wilhelm awarded the Grand Star of the Republic of Neues Sudland

Reich Duke Wilhelm is awarded the Grand Star of the Oder of the Republic of Neues Sudland. He has authorized it to be on display in the Reichstag for two weeks for all of Beerstein to enjoy.