Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beerstein Brigade serves with Austrians against the French

A view of the French right flank as seen by our Austrian allies.
The French left flank as seen by the Reich Duchy of Beerstein Brigade.
The Beerstein Brigade form on the right flank while the Austrians hold the left flank.
The French attack along the whole front as the allies form a defensive line.
The Austrians are under heavy attack, but are holding their ground.
The French Heavy Cavalry attack the Beerstein Heavies and after several clashes the Beerstein Brigade is steadily pushed back.
On the right flank the Beerstein Infantry are putting up a stiff fight. The Landbier Grenadiers forced the French Guard to seek safety behind their hussars. One Beerstein Battalion was forced to retire while every unit has been heavily engaged.
The Austrians have forced the French to retire, but at heavy price.
The Beerstein Horse Grenadiers make their final stand in a small village.
Although the Austrians put up a valiant fight, the allies moral was broken. The Beerstein flank was crushed by the French forces. All enjoyed using the Black Powder rules, which seem to capture warfare in the Age of Marlborough.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Who will be the 20,000th visitor to Beerstein?

Reich Duke Wilhelm has been notified by the Minister of Tourism that the realm will soon welcome its 20,000th visitor. All of Beerstein awaits! A twenty one gun salute will be fired by the Leib Artillery Battery to honor the occasion.