Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Duchy of Anhalt troops on review

The Duchy of Anhalt troops were formerly Little John's Duchy of Grolstein Army.
Anhalt Guard Infantry Battalion passing in review.
Guard Battalion formed up under the Anhalt Royal Family's gaze.
Prince Wilhelm's Battalion.
Prince Geoffrey's Battalion.
Prince Joseph's Battalion.
The famous Red Grenadiers of Anhalt.
Anhalt troops pass in review.
Another Anhalt Brigade passing in review.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Battle of Katzberg heats up

What a titanic struggle.
Lorraine Cuirassier catch Platz Horse Grenadiers in column.
Platz infantry cross the Katz River.
Anhalt Cuirassiers protect their infantry while crossing a Katzberg bridge.
Anhalt infantry ready to advance.
Lorraine Dragoons throw themselves into the fray but are repulsed.
The Platz infantry form up for an attack.
The victorious Lorraine Cuirassiers charge the Platz Dragoons.
Lorraine Dragoons rally behind Savoy battalion while Champagne Battalion is charged by the Anhalt Cuirassiers.
The Lorraine center braces for the onslaught.
The Lorraine Guards supported by their uhlans face the Platz horde.
The Lorraine center as seen from the Anhalt battle line.
The Platz infantry supported by cavalry and artillery attack the Lorraine left flank.
The Lorraine right flank and center are under heavy pressure.
The hapless Lorrainers are overwhelmed everywhere. Anhalt-Platz are victorious.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Battle at Katzberg

Anhalt Infantry marching through the streets of Katzberg.
More Anhalt troops passing through Katzberg.
Anhalt cavalry use the Katzberg bridge while the Platz infantry use the ford.
Platz Grenadiers and Cavalry moving of their right flank.
A view of the Katzberg bridges from the Lorraine lines.
The Lorraine right flakes awaits the Anhalt-Platz onslaught.
Lorraine infantry deploring in front of the village of Bremmer.
The Lorraine left flank is anchored on a small chateau and it's field.
A view looking west from Katzberg.
Another view of the Lorraine right flank resting on Windmill Hill.
Lorraine cavalry arrive on their left flank.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Margave of Moscovia defeats Hesse-Boozewick

After a hard fought battle, the Margrave of Moscovia prevails.
A view of the left flank of the Moscovian Army as the battle comes to an end.
The Moscovian enter with Moscovian infantry in control of the corn field.
A complete rout of the Hesse-Boozewick troops on the Moscovian right flank.
Looking down the line of battle from the east.
Looking down the line of battle from the west.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Beerstein Equipment

A Beerstein Artillery Battery complete with ammo wagon.
Another view of a battery in action.
Dr. Grouse treats the wounded from his ambulance.
The new Reich Duchy Of Beerstein field forge.
The Reich Duke's new cart.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reich Duke to post Battle Reports on "A Military Gentleman" site

Due to the apparent lack of interest, future Battle Reports will be posted on "A Military Gentleman."