Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reich Duke wins first battle in new war room!

 Prussian Grenadiers and Fusiliers emerge from a small village in the center.
 On the Prussian right flank, the Musketeers advance behind their Jagers.
 Prussian Cavalry and Artillery advance on the extreme right flank.
 Lorraine Brigade anchosr the Austrian right flank supported by artillery.
 The Hungarian Brigade holds the center with Heavy Cavalry on their left.
 An Austrian Brigade holds a village on their extreme left with one gun.
 Combined artillery and infantry fire devastate the Prussian left flank!
The lead Cuirassiers were routed by the Prussian Grenadiers, but they were routed in turn by a bold attack of the red Hungarians.
 On the Austrian left the Grenzers were pushed back, but the Line fought the Prussian Musketeers to a draw.
 After the Horse Grenadiers were force back by the Austrian Infantry, they formed up with the Lancers to renew their attack.
 The Austrian Line were overwhelmed by the combined cavalry attack.
After a valiant fight, the Austrian Infantry regroup behind the village they defended so well.
The last Prussian Musketeers supported by one gun cover the Prussian retreat. A spirited affair indeed!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reich Duke Wilhelm opens his new war room!

                                          Reich Duke Wilhelm's "I love me wall"!
                                         War game table surrounded by books.
                                         The Olympics watching over the war game table.
                             A comfortable chair to read in or watch the big battle.