Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reich Duke Wilhelm orders his troops to retire to the village of Warsteiner

On the Beerstein right flank, the Coors Cuirassiers attacked the Lorraine Limoges Cuirassiers and pushed them back several hundred passes. The Coors Cuirassiers held the ground to assist the Oldenburg Grenzers who were attacked by the Languedoc Cuirassiers. Amazingly our grenzers were able to repel the Lorraine Cuirassier with heavy losses.

On the left center, the Pabst Musketeers were attacked by the Lorraine Guards and the Burgundy Battalion. Reich Duke Wilhelm watches as the Provence Battalion attacks the Isenbeck and Auerbrau Musketeers. It looks like the the Lorraine troops are on a roll.

On the right flank things look promising for the Beersteiners. Both Lorraine Cuirassiers have been pushed back and the Warsteiner Fusiliers seem to be out shooting the Champagne Battalion. Brig Sir David seems very pleased indeed!

On the far right, the Holstein Leib Hussars have been repulsed by the Loire Grenzers and the Auerbrau Musketeers have been severely damaged by the Lorraine Artillery Battery and an attack by the Provence Battalion.

The gallant Holstein Hussars were repulsed again by the Loire Grenzers. Both units have suffered heavy casualties, but the Lorrainers were clearly victorious.

In the center, the Pabst Battalion forced the Lorraine Guard to retire several hundred passed and saved the Auerbrau Battalion from complete destruction. Although the center is holding the Beerstein boys are still in a difficult position.

Reich Duke Wilhelm watches as the Lorraine Infantry renew their assault in the Center. Despite the Slitz Battery finally getting into position on a low ridge it looks bad for the Beersteiners.

Reich Duke Wilhelm ordered the Corona Cuirassiers and the Warsteiner Fusiliers to attack the Chablis Battalion. Under the cover of this final assault, the Beerstein army retires from the field yielding Heineken Abbey in the hands of Landgrave Camil de Lorraine.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Landgrave of Lorraine attacks Barony of Brewswick

Brig Louis St. Pern leads his Languedoc and Limoges Cuirassiers on the left flank.

The Lorraine center is composed of Brig James Ferry's first line (Provence, Burgandy, and Champagne Battalions) and Brig Edmond Villiaume's second line (Lorraine Guards and Chablis Battalions).

The Lorraine right flank is anchored on the Abbey of Heineken. The Loire Grenzers protect the Grenoble Artillery Battery.

As Brig Duc Ferry's advance in the center, Beerstein's Brig Graf Lager Bierman's Augerbrau and Isenbeck Musketeers form a two line defense on the left.

Maj Gen, Sir David Linienblatt advances the Warsteiner Fusiliers and the Pabst Musketeers on the right to try to stem the Lorraine advance. The Warsteiner Fusiliers take aim at the Burgundy Battalion and fire a devastating first volley. Despite the losses, the Lorraine Infantry continue their advance.

After a stout defensive action, the Lorraine first line falls back several hundred paces to regroup. Brig St. Pern was able to quickly rally his troops and continues his attack on the brave Beerstein boys. The Battle rages on and will be continued in a future dispatch.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Lorraine Cavalry Brigrade arrives in camp

Brigadier Armond d'Clermont directs his mixed brigade of Dragoons and Hussars.

The Cote Rote Dragoons emerge from a village to join the Cotes de Bourg Hussars.

A close look at the Cotes de Bourg Hussars and their flamboyant colonel.

The Cote Rote Dragoons form up in their new training area. Now that the Lorraine troops are all mustered on our northern border, what are their intentions?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lorraine Dragoon Brigade sighted

Brigadier Louis St. Pern takes command of the Lorraine Dragoon Brigade.

The Cremaut d'Lille Dragoons form up in their training area.

The Artois Dragoons drill in the summer heat.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lorraine Heavy Cavalry Brigade sighted

The Limoges Cuirassiers emerge for a village on Beerstein's northern border. All Photos on this site can be expanded by clicking on the image and expanded again by clicking again when it opens.

The Dauphine Cuirassiers follow behind the Limoges Cuirassiers.

The Languedoc Cuirassiers join the Lorraine Heavy Cavalry Brigade.

Brigadier Edmund Villiaume takes command of the Heavy Cavalry Brigade.