Friday, September 19, 2014

Initial troop deployments for the Battle at Dottingheim.
 Beerstein Honorable Pensioners marching from their camp.
 Beerstein Landbier Grenadiers Marching toward the Lorraine forces.
 Beerstein Oldenberg Grenzers arriving on the Beerstein left flank.
 The Amstel Howitzer ensconced in a redoubt.
 The Isenbeck Infantry taking the field.
 Lorraine Infantry crossing a bridge on their right flank.
 More Lorraine Infantry using a ford the cross the river.
 Another view of the Lorraine army advancing.
 Beerstein Corona Cuirassiers watch Lorraine Dragoons deploy for battle.
 Lorraine Light Infantry prepare to hide in a corn field.
Beerstein Uhlans deployed on the left flank in front of Dottingheim.

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