Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reich Duke Wilhelm forced to retire from Dottingheim.

Beerstein's Coors Cuirassier retire after defeating Lorraine Dragoons and Infantry.
Reich Duke Wilhelm watches his Landbier Grenadiers being repulsed.
Beerstein Leib Uhlans observe Lorraine's advance on Dottingheim.
Beerstein Isenbeck Infantry advance to fire on Lorraine's Grenadiers.
Honorable Pensioners and Landbier Grenadiers are forced to retire.
The Leib Uhlans are forced to flee to the safety of Dottingheim.
Lorraine's Hussars pursue the Leib Uhlans through the streets of Dottingheim.
Lorraine's Chablis Infantry regiment prepares to triumphantly enter Dottingheim. 
Lorraine Dragoons attempt to surround the Beerstein Grenadiers and Guards.
Although the Beerstein forces won every engagement on their left flank, the Lorraine forces were too well led. Reich Duke Wilhelm was able to withdraw under cover of darkness.

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A J said...

Lovely display, sir! The Reich Duke has the moral courage to know when to quit the field rather than fight on to disaster.