Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reich Duke Wilhelm wins Great Victory over dreaded Prussians at Blatzberg

Maj Gen von Coors surveys battlefield from knoll in front of Blatzberg

Maj Gen von Coors right flank anchored by the River Blatz

First Prussian Brigade deploys in line with River Blatz on their left flank

Prussian Dragoon Brigade crosses ford on the way to the Battle of Blatzberg

Prussian Cuirassier Brigade form line after crossing the ford across River Blatz

Prussian Infantry cross River Blatz enroute to face Beerstein Boys

Prussian infantry deploy in three lines in front of von Coors prepared position

Prussian front line assaults Maj Gen von Coors as cavalry deploy to the right

Maj Gen von Coors repulses first Prussian attack as his cavalry counterattack

Prussian second line advances and the first line routs to the rear

Beerstein Hussars attack Prussian battery as Prussian Cuirassiers counterattack

Five hours into the battle Reich Duke Whilhelm arrives in Prussian rear

Beerstein Dragoons cross ford while Cuirassiers and Infantry cross bridge

Prussian General Kieth surrenders to Reich Duke Wilhelm. Wilhelm seals his greatest victory thanks to the careful planning and deployment of Maj Gen von Coor and his small holding force.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

French Order of Battle

French Guard Infantry , Swiss Guard Infantry, Grenadiers de France
Grenadiers de France , Combined Grenadiers , Champagne Infantry
Piedmont Infantry , Picarde Infantry , de Dauphine Infantry
St Second Infantry , Legois Infantry , Languedoc Infantry
la Reine Infantry , Blaisois Infantry, Argentois Infantry
Germain Infantry , Du Roi Infantry , Clare Infantry
Buckeley Infantry , Grender Infantry , Lamark Infantry
Diesback Infantry , Karrer Infantry , Grancey Infantry
de Tulle Milita Infantry Regt, 5 artillery batteries

Gendarmes de la Garde , Gendarmes de la Reine, Horse Grenadiers
Musketeers de la Garde , Cuirassiers Berry, Cuirassiers Orleans
Cuirassiers Orleans, Cuirassiers Montgomery, Cuirassiers Conti
Cuirassiers Villeroy, Dragoons de Flamaren, Dragoons La Ferronayes
Dragoons Apehon , Hussars Verselles

Sunday, July 27, 2008

More French troops

French Allied Brigade of Swiss and Irish

French Infantry Brigade with two German units

French Hussards with town's ladies looking on

French Heavy Cavalry, two Gendarmes, Horse Grenadiers and Guard Musketeers

French Dragoon Brigade

French Heavy Cavalry Brigade, four Cuirassiers

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reich Duke Wilhelm monitors potential French adversaries

French Brigade with a Spanish and Dutch unit attached

French Brigade with Grenadiers and French and Swiss Guards

French Brigade with Allied Brigade in background

French Brigade crossing a bridge near Riech Duchy of Beerstein

Another view of the bridge crossing (out of focus)

French Guard Horse Musketeers

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prussian forces operating near Beerstein


Prinz Pressen Cuirassiers, Normann Dragoons, Guard du Corps
Syburg Cuirassiers, Krochow Dragoons, Kliest Hussars
Brandenburg Cuirassiers, Bayreuth Dragoons, Wartenben Hussars
Von Schonaich Cuirassiers, Katte Dragoons, Wechmar Hussars
Gessler Cuirassiers, Platen Dragoons, Billerbeck Hussars

Alt Anhalt Musketeers, Guard Infantry, Munchow Fusiliers
Winterfeldt Musketeers, Petersdorff Grenadiers, Dohna Fusiliers
Kalnen Musketeers, Kremzow Grenadiers, Weid Fusiliers
Kanitz Musketeers, Carlowitz Grenadiers, Kursell Fusiliers
Amtell Musketeers, Rath Grenadiers, Roeder' Garrison
Alt Bevern Musketeers, Noble Jaegers, Luck's Garrison
Retzow Musketeers, Pannwitz Musketeers

Battery von Kalsow, Battery von Wied, Battery von Brandes
Battery von Dossow, Battery von Rohr


Bartheld Fussialiers, Stirn Grenadiers, Battery von Donhoff
Furstenberg Musketeers, Erbprinz Cuirassiers, Battery von Link
Hannau Musketeers, Lieb Dragoons,
Malsburg Musketeers, Wolff Hussars


Leib Musketeers, Leib Grenadier Guard, Battery von Rothenburg
Behr Musketeers, Frederick's Karabiners, Battery von Wittorf
Imhoff Musketeers, Zastrow Dragoons
Fusiliers von Volschen, Hussaren Volontaries

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Beerstein "Beer and Pretzel" Rules

Please note the two charts did not space correctly. Center each column under its heading.

Movement: Roll for each unit, one six sided die determines movement in paces.

Die Roll Infantry Artillery Heavy Cavalry Light Cavalry
1 0 0 0 0
2 200 200 300 400
3 300 300 400 500
4 300 300 500 600
5 400 400 600 700
6 400 400 600 800

About face takes ½ movement.
Wheel measure distance from outer side; cannot wheel into an attack.
Artillery: Full move and unlimber
No movement can fire
Limber and move ½ rate.

FIRE: Artillery then musketry

Hit Table Close Range Middle Range Long Range
Artillery 0 to 400 paces 400 to 1200 paces 1200 to 1600 paces
Artillery hits on 4-6 hits on 5-6 hits on 6
Musketry 100 paces N/A 200 paces
Musketry hits on 5-6 N/A hits on 6

Side which has initiative fires first, casualties taken, then defender fires.
Infantry can fire and move, move then fire, but cannot fire then attack.
Targets in woods, buildings, cover or artillery take a saving roll; saves on 1-3.

Frontal Attack Roll one 6 sided dice per unit morale number; casualties on 6’s.
Flanking Unit Causes Temporary -1 to defender’s current unit morale number.
Flanking Attack Unit Flank attacking unit hits on 5 or 6.

Leaders have a command radius of 100 paces per each original unit in his command.
Attached leaders add 1 dice for firing and 2 dice for combat.
Attached leaders must make a casualty test if unit takes casualties; 1 he is killed, 2 he is wounded.

If combat results in an equal number of casualties; the units remain locked in combat.
Loser of combat withdrawals 400 paces, infantry winner can remain occupy the loser’s position.
Winning cavalry can either advance or withdraw up to 400 paces, but cannot engage again.

Artillery, light infantry or light cavalry can evade attacking unit by rolling their unit number or less.
If unit number falls to 2 or less, it can no longer attack.
Sauvé qui peut = Voluntary withdrawal anytime before normal movement.
Impacts: Permanent loss of one unit number.
May withdraw facing enemy; 600 paces for infantry and artillery, 800 paces for heavy cavalry, and 1200 paces for light cavalry.

Recovery occurs at the end of each turn.
Each unit must be at least 300 paces from any enemy to try.
Recover one moral point with a roll of 1-3.

Unit morale starts at 5 for trained troops, 6 for veteran troops, 7 for elite troops, and 8 for guards.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beerstein Boys Defeat Dreaded Prussians at Alesgarden

Beerstein's Center, Generaloffizer Mckay's Artillery and General Coor's Grenadiers

Beerstein's right flank, General Picklemany's Hungarians and General Lista arrival

Prussian Brigade with Guards massing near south bridge over the River Ales

Prussian Grenadiers cross the center bridge and mass near north bridge

Prussian Cuirassiers ford the River Ales in the face of Beerstein's Heavy Cavalry

Prussian Brigade masses near south bridge under artillery protection

Prussian Grenadiers cross the River Ales in front of Gen Picklemany's Hungarians

Prussian Infantry Brigade caught in column by Bluntundedonner's Dragoons

Prussian Grenadier cross the Ales but are charged by Hungarians while in column

Prussian Cuirassiers fired upon in the flank and charged by Beerstein Cuirassiers

Prussian Grenadiers push Hungarians back, while Warstein Fusiliers rout Grenadiers

General Lista arrives in the nick of time to save General Picklemany's Hungarians

New Prussian Brigade crosses River Ales as Grenadiers are routed

Beerstein Dragoons rout last Prussian unit which is protected by the Guard

Prussian Cuirassiers finally defeated by Beerstein's Heavy Cavalry

Beerstein Heavy Cavalry Defeat Prussian last Heavy Cavalry and Dragoons

Last Prussian Brigade prepares to cross the south bridge supported by Guards

Prussian Grenadiers rout covered by artillery and Jagers

General Lista catches Prussians in Column as they cross the River Ales
Last Prussian units retreat over the north bridge supported by artillery

Prussian Dragoond retreat back across the south ford of the River Ales, Victory complete!