Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beerstein Boys Defeat Dreaded Prussians at Alesgarden

Beerstein's Center, Generaloffizer Mckay's Artillery and General Coor's Grenadiers

Beerstein's right flank, General Picklemany's Hungarians and General Lista arrival

Prussian Brigade with Guards massing near south bridge over the River Ales

Prussian Grenadiers cross the center bridge and mass near north bridge

Prussian Cuirassiers ford the River Ales in the face of Beerstein's Heavy Cavalry

Prussian Brigade masses near south bridge under artillery protection

Prussian Grenadiers cross the River Ales in front of Gen Picklemany's Hungarians

Prussian Infantry Brigade caught in column by Bluntundedonner's Dragoons

Prussian Grenadier cross the Ales but are charged by Hungarians while in column

Prussian Cuirassiers fired upon in the flank and charged by Beerstein Cuirassiers

Prussian Grenadiers push Hungarians back, while Warstein Fusiliers rout Grenadiers

General Lista arrives in the nick of time to save General Picklemany's Hungarians

New Prussian Brigade crosses River Ales as Grenadiers are routed

Beerstein Dragoons rout last Prussian unit which is protected by the Guard

Prussian Cuirassiers finally defeated by Beerstein's Heavy Cavalry

Beerstein Heavy Cavalry Defeat Prussian last Heavy Cavalry and Dragoons

Last Prussian Brigade prepares to cross the south bridge supported by Guards

Prussian Grenadiers rout covered by artillery and Jagers

General Lista catches Prussians in Column as they cross the River Ales
Last Prussian units retreat over the north bridge supported by artillery

Prussian Dragoond retreat back across the south ford of the River Ales, Victory complete!


Steve said...

Lordy that's a lot of photo's - must have taken ages to upload - but what a crackign sounding game..

You seem to have 6 man squadrons and 12 man battalions? What rules are you using??

Capt Bill said...

We mounted our troops for Might and Reason, but actually use Beerstein's "beer and pretzels" house rules. They are quick and simple (one page). I'll post them because others have also been interested.
Best regards...Bill

CWT said...

Bill - Fantastic battle report! And excellent photos too, just to add to it all. I'll keep an eye out for the rules posting, too.

Keep up the good work!


MurdocK said...

simple is good sometimes!

Love the figs!