Sunday, July 27, 2008

More French troops

French Allied Brigade of Swiss and Irish

French Infantry Brigade with two German units

French Hussards with town's ladies looking on

French Heavy Cavalry, two Gendarmes, Horse Grenadiers and Guard Musketeers

French Dragoon Brigade

French Heavy Cavalry Brigade, four Cuirassiers


Martin said...

Hello Cap'n Bill,

Those are some mighty fine looking miniatures! Who made them and what is their scale?

Bluebear Jeff said...

I agree, they are very impressive.

Of course if you're not completely happy with them, you can always give them away to me.

I particularly like the mounted general in the top photo . . . he has a great face.

-- Jeff

CWT said...

Ah, full parades of miniatures - you can't beat it, can you? And especially not with a fine show such as this. It seems like a really big army! Can I ask how many figures are in it? It looks like the infantry units have about 12 men per unit, which also looks really good.

Capt Bill said...

I probably have 30,000 minatures in both 15mm and 25mm. These are mostly 25mm Old Glory...Bill

Capt Bill said...

Our group remounted our armies to Might and Reason when the rules first came. What a massive undertaking. Although we no longer use the rules, everyone agreed we are done remounting. We use 12 man infantry battalions, 6 man cavalry squadrons, 2 man light batteries, and 3 man heavy batteries...Bill

andygamer said...

Nice collection of figures you and your group has, Capt Bill.

And I recognise most of the OG French as being the generic Marlburian figures, which is fine as the French didn't start turning-back their coat skirts until the SYW. I've got them too, so it's like having two eras for the price of one.

tidders said...

Nice selection of french troops.

-- Allan