Monday, April 13, 2015

Reich Duke Wilhelm turns 68

Reich Duke Wilhelm retired to his summer palace to celebrate his 68th birthday.Photos of the new palace and military review will be posted as soon as everyone has had a chance to recover. Best regards to all who celebrated this gala affair...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

British and Hanover troops invade Blatzberg

Reich Duke Wilhelm rushes troops to the Blatzberg frontier to confront Lord Goranson near the town of Carlsberg. Lord Goranson's Order of Battle includes:
British Foot Grenadiers     Hanover Schulenberg Infantry
42nd Highlanders              Hanover Mechlemburg Infantry
Argyll's 3rd Foot               Hanover Von Tozin Infantry
North's 10th Foot               Hanover Von Ahlefeld Infantry
Royal Irish 18th Foot        Hanover Von Groden Infantry
Hamilton's 34th Foot         Hanover Royal Hussars
British Horse Guards         2 Light Guns
Lumley's 8th Horse
3 Light Guns

Reich Duke Wilhelm's Order of Battle:
Lowenbrau Leib Grenadiers    Corona Cuirassiers
Budweiser Grenadiers              Kronenberg Cuirassier
Auerbrau Musketeers               Holstein Leib Hussars
Amberbock Fusiliers               Austrian Haddock Hussars
Warsteiner Fusiliers                 Slitz Heavy Artillery Battery
Heineken Musketeers              2 Light Guns
Guinness Musketeers
Pabst Musketeers
Isenbeck Musketeers

The Beerstein Grenadier Brigade engage the Hanoverian Line as the Cuirassier Brigade move to the left flank to counter the British Guards and Hanoverian Royal Hussars.
The Slitz Heavy Battery has opened up Hamilton's 34th Foot. The Auerbrau Musketeers and the Warsteiner Fusiliers are engaged in a firefight with Hamilton's 34th Foot and North's 10th Foot.
On the right flank, the Pabst and Isenbeck and a light gun fire on North's 10th Foot and Argyll's 3rd Foot. In the distance, the British Foot Grenadier move to occupy St.Michel's Chapel and the Beerstein Hussar Brigade occupy the Village of St. Michel.
Duc de Joseph orders his heavy cavalry to push the Beerstein Hussar out of St.Michel as the Guard Grenadiers enter St. Michel's Chapel.
The Beerstein Cuirassier chase the Hanoverian Royal Hussars back to their line. In the background, the Lowenbrau Leib Grenadiers win a firefight against the Hanoverian Ahlefeld Infantry.
The Budweiser Grenadiers are winning a firefight with Hanover's Schulenberg Infantry. The Hanoverian Ahlefeld Infantry can be seen routing after chasing away the crew of a Beerstein light gun.
Reich Duke Wilhelm takes refuge behind the Slitz Heavy Battery as the Warsteiner Fusiliers  continue to engage Argyell's 3rd Foot. On far right the Pabst Musketeers engage the British Foot Grenadiers. The Amberbock Fusiliers, Auerbrau Musketeers, and a light gun crew were routed.
The Holstein Leib Hussars defeated the Hanoverian Von Groden Horse. The Austrian Hussars can been seen making an orderly withdrawal covered by the Holstein Hussars. Col. Holstein was promoted to Brigade General and awarded the Order of the Tankard for his gallantly. Despite overwhelming odds his regiment has prevailed in the last four battles and as earned Veteran Status.
The Pabst Musketeers and the British Foot Grenadiers are locked in combat as night falls. Both side sustained heavy losses and neither side was able to claim victory, however Reich Duke Wilhelm was able to occupy the battlefield as the British and Hanoverians retired.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The French push the Beersteiners back

The Beersteiners brace for the French attack on their right flank.
The British Brigades hold of the French advance in the center.
The Beerstein Cuirassier ride down a French Brigade, but are met by French Cuirassiers.
French Artillery destroy Beerstein Brigades in advance of the French charge.
The French defend Heineken Abbey as the British are victorious in the center.
Duc de Joseph rallies his victorious Cuirassiers.
The French Artillery continue to pound the hapless Beerstein Infantry Brigades.
The British and Beerstein troops are forced to retire under cover of darkness.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The French are coming, the French are coming!!!

A Small French Army has crossed the frontier into the Barony of Brewswick. Beerstein and British troops move to confront the "Bloody French" as they advance on Heineken Abbey.
 Beerstein Infantry move up to support their Cuirassiers on their right flank.
More Beerstein Brigade advance through a farm village near Heineken Abbey.
British troops rush to the Heineken Abbey Bridge to stop the French.
French troops can be seen moving through the Village surrounding the Abbey.
More French Brigades supported by artillery advance west of Heineken Abbey.
French troops use a bridge and a ford to cross the Heineken Abbey stream.
French Dragoons prepare to charge the British across a bridge, they will be defeated.
Grenadiers of France and another brigade advance on the British.
Swiss troops cross another bridge supported by artillery and Cuirassiers.
The French left flank move forward to engage the outnumbered Beersteiners. An after action will be posted later.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bade Assen a near run thing

Austrians advance on the allies right flank.
Austrians continue to move forward on Windmill Hill.
The French advance on their right flank skirting the village of Bade Assen.
The French Guards Brigade and a Line Brigade advance in the center.
Austrian Cuirassier and French Dragoons about to come to blows.
The French study the Allies center as the Grenadiers move through the cornfield.
The French move through Bade Assen to assault a Beerstein Brigade and Grenadiers.
The French advance on their right flank is met by a Beerstein Brigade.
The French Dragoons are routed by the Austrian Cuirassier who flank the Irish Brigade.
The French center has been routed by the valiant Austrians and are forced back.
The French right flank see off a Beerstein Brigade but are fought to a draw. In the end the French were forced to retire leaving the field to the Austrians and Beersteiners.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Reich Duke Wilhelm at the Battle of Bade Assen

A view of the Battle of Bade Assen from the west.
Part of Lord Goranson's Command. Two Infantry Brigades and a Heavy Cavalry Brigade.
Part of Duc' Joseph's Command. The French and Swiss Guards and two Infantry Brigades.
Duc' Joseph's Dragoon Brigade and his Irish Brigade.
Prince Eugene's Austrian Cuirassiers in support of an Austrian Infantry Brigade.
Prince Eugene's Center. A Heavy Battery supported by a Grenadier and Line Brigade.
Part of  Reich Duke Wilhelm's Command. An Infantry Brigade supported by Heavy Cavalry.
Another Brigade of Reich Duke Wilhelm's Infantry marching toward Bade Assen.
Two Infantry Brigades of Lord Goranson's right flank.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas comes to the Reich Duchy of Beerstein

Reich Duke Wilhelm and all of Beerstein wish friends and foes alike a very Merry Christmas.