Saturday, July 24, 2010

Personages of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein

Reich Duke Wilhelm, Duchess Lynda, and Major Andre Debauchery introduce the major personages of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. The royal hounds are Vengeance and Victory. All photos on this site can be expanded by clicking on the picture. Enjoy!

From the left: Major General, Baron Geoffrey von Lista and his ADC Capt Dos Equis, Major General Ludwig Third Baron von Brewski and his ADC Capt Victor Belcher, and Colonel Prinz Wilhelm II, Baron of Brewswick and his ADC Capt Gunter Stout.

From the left: General James von Beerstein, Minister of War and his ADC Capt Heinrich Porter, and Lieutenant General, Baron Rupert von Pilsner and his ADC Capt Barley Bock.

From the left: Major General Adolph Coors, Baron of Blatzberg and his ADC Capt Henri Heineken, Major General Lothar Blutundedonner, Baron of Alesgarden and his ADC Capt Moore Hops.

Lady Louise von Pilsner in the uniform of the Princess Haley's Hussars, accompanied by her hounds Agamemnon and Achilles.

Personages of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein

Monday, July 19, 2010

Foreign Legion re-designated Legion d' Allies

Beerstein Allied Legion Infantry now up to full strength. Dun Haggis Highlanders maneuver under the watchful eye of Brigadier, Sir David.

Sir David directs the Bad Rotten Muskytears and the Regiment von Stummel.

The Mountain Fusiliers and the Regiment von Schafbeck march in review.

Monday, July 12, 2010

More Beerstein units reach full strength

Warsteiner Fusiliers and Pabst Musketeers strut their stuff.

Reich Duke Wilhelm reviews the Pabst Musketeers.

Brigadier Bierman directs the Warsteiner Fusiliers firing at full strength.

Isenbeck Musketeers marching in line.

Brigadier Bierman observes the Isenbeck Musketeers passing in review.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beerstein Guard Units brought up to full strength

Prinz Wilhelm II, Baron of Brewswick leads the Pilsner Horse Grenadiers.

The Pilsner Horse Grenadiers are brigaded with the Holstein Leib Hussars.

The Pilsner Horse Grenadiers pose with Beerstein Honorable Pensioners

Reich Duke Wilhelm raises a mug to his senior battalion, the Honorable Pensioners.