Monday, July 12, 2010

More Beerstein units reach full strength

Warsteiner Fusiliers and Pabst Musketeers strut their stuff.

Reich Duke Wilhelm reviews the Pabst Musketeers.

Brigadier Bierman directs the Warsteiner Fusiliers firing at full strength.

Isenbeck Musketeers marching in line.

Brigadier Bierman observes the Isenbeck Musketeers passing in review.


A J said...

It's surprising how effective those pink facings look against the dark blue of the coat. Very nice regiments, sir!

Martin said...

With all this sudden spat of recruiting and bringing up many units to a "war footing", is the Reich-Duke expecting "trouble"? Or is he making sure that no trouble starts?

Capt Bill said...

Peach through stength is always a good policy...

tidders said...

Fine looking units; ready for action at their full complement !

-- Allan

David said...

Yes, indeed, they do look very good. :-)

And as AJ says, those pink facings on dark blue are very attractive.



Frankfurter said...

Now, for the foes to appear and to be properly soused!