Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prussian forces operating near Beerstein


Prinz Pressen Cuirassiers, Normann Dragoons, Guard du Corps
Syburg Cuirassiers, Krochow Dragoons, Kliest Hussars
Brandenburg Cuirassiers, Bayreuth Dragoons, Wartenben Hussars
Von Schonaich Cuirassiers, Katte Dragoons, Wechmar Hussars
Gessler Cuirassiers, Platen Dragoons, Billerbeck Hussars

Alt Anhalt Musketeers, Guard Infantry, Munchow Fusiliers
Winterfeldt Musketeers, Petersdorff Grenadiers, Dohna Fusiliers
Kalnen Musketeers, Kremzow Grenadiers, Weid Fusiliers
Kanitz Musketeers, Carlowitz Grenadiers, Kursell Fusiliers
Amtell Musketeers, Rath Grenadiers, Roeder' Garrison
Alt Bevern Musketeers, Noble Jaegers, Luck's Garrison
Retzow Musketeers, Pannwitz Musketeers

Battery von Kalsow, Battery von Wied, Battery von Brandes
Battery von Dossow, Battery von Rohr


Bartheld Fussialiers, Stirn Grenadiers, Battery von Donhoff
Furstenberg Musketeers, Erbprinz Cuirassiers, Battery von Link
Hannau Musketeers, Lieb Dragoons,
Malsburg Musketeers, Wolff Hussars


Leib Musketeers, Leib Grenadier Guard, Battery von Rothenburg
Behr Musketeers, Frederick's Karabiners, Battery von Wittorf
Imhoff Musketeers, Zastrow Dragoons
Fusiliers von Volschen, Hussaren Volontaries


Martin said...

Sounds like they're coming back for a return match! I hope the newly recruited Duchy generals are up to the task. Please keep in mind Your Grace, that young von Meltzer's military aide, Major Honking Thirst, is available to lend any military advice Your Grace deems necessary.
Please keep us posted on the developments!



Capt Bill said...

Major Honking Thirst sounds like just the man the Reich Duchy of Beerstein needs. Those dreaded Prussians are still lurking about licking their wounds and waiting for an opportunity to pounce.
Best regards,