Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hesse-Boozewick vs Muskovia

Although it was a near run thing, Hesse-Boozewick was able to see off the Muskovian
Hesse-Boozewick heavy cavalry on the move
A view of the Hesse-Boozewick line from the Muskovian side
The Muskovian Line as seen by the Hesse-Boozewick side
The Muskovian Heavy Cavalry
A closer look at right flank of the Hesse-Boozewick troops
Hesse-Boozewick Hussars
Hesse-Boozewick on the attack
A View down the battle line
Muskovian Heavy Cavalry and Infantry advance to meet the Hesse-Boozewickers
The  Muskovian right flanks advances past a small village
Hesse-Boozewick and Muskovian Hussars about to close
A closer view of the Muskovian right flank about to be attack by heavy cavalry
Hesse-Boozewick Infantry left flank moves up to cover their heavy cavalry
Hesse-Boozewick heavy cavalry retire


Bluebear Jeff said...

Quite a colorful battle, sir . . . but I would have enjoyed a bit more text explaining what was happening.

-- Jeff

John Ray said...


Great Photographs.

Thank you for also sharing them to members of the AMG Forum.


Allan Tidmarsh said...

Super little battle, nice looking armies.


A J said...

Splendid stuff!

David said...

Looking very good and colourful!