Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sir David Linienblatt presented Reich Duke Wilhelm three new portratits by a renowned artist

 Reich Duke Wilhelm in Dress Blues.
 Reich Duke Wilhelm as a valiant cavalry leader.
Reich Duke Wilhelm in his beloved Austrian uniform. All three portraits will be displayed in the Great Hall for two weeks to allow all citizens to vote for their favorite. The winning portrait will be used on future currency. Cast your vote!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I would vote for the Dress Blues . . . IF I could find anywhere to cast my vote.

My second choice would be the Austrian uniform, with the Cavalry uniform portrait dead last.

So you do probably want to post a poll somewhere and link to it so that I and others may actually cast our votes.

-- Jeff

Michael Mathews said...

Grand Duke Orzepovski has always favored blues over whites and suggests the first portrait is more flattering.

David said...

As I said to his Highness, it was just a fairly hasty bit of fun that produced these three images and ideally they really need more work. Having said that, I agree the Blue portrait works best...



Prince Lupus said...

A fine looking gentleman - I think I prefer the Austrian white419# ffeuntr

Scheck said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm looks much more younger in the blue dress. So my vote: the first painting.
well done!

Keith Flint said...

A long time since I visited your site, Capt. Bill. My mistake of course, what a pleasure to see the Austrians and Prussians arrayed for battle in your war room.

It's the dress blues for me, by the way.


I would say the Austrian 1st then the dress Blue and last the Cavalry