Saturday, February 23, 2013

Reich Duke Wilhelm faces off against French Duc de Joseph

 Beerstein's Elite Cavalry form on Reich Duke's left flank.
 Baron Lista's Infantry Brigade forms up next to the Elite Cavalry.
 French Heavy Cavalry take the position of honor on the French right flank.
French and Swiss Guards join Picardie and Piedmont Regiments in the center. 
 French Dragoons muster on the French left flank.
 French Infantry Brigade seen from the Beerstein battle line.
 French Heavy Cavalry and Infantry viewed through Reich Duke Wilhelm's telescope.
French Commander watches as the Beerstein Elite Cavalry move forward.
 Duc de Joseph studies the Beerstein infantry formations.
The Beerstein Light Cavalry and Baron Landbier's Brigade advance toward a farm house on their right flank.

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Scheck said...

splendid deployment of two impressive armies... I prefer Duc de Joseph at the moment, because of his French roots, but we will see in the next post, what happens...