Friday, May 29, 2009

Look who arrived at our training area bearing gifts

The Laird of Saxe-Urqhuart, thrifty Scot that he is, hired out an excellent Battalion of Dun Haggis Highlanders to the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. As they march into our training area, they are accompanied by two Vivandieres sent by Louys of Monte-Cristo.

The Saxe-Urqhuart Dun Haggis Highlanders form into line, as adoring locals look on. However, it is the Monte-Cristo Vivandieres' gift of a large keg of single malt that will win everyones gratitude.


abdul666 said...

All Monte-Cristans –and specially the members of the Fair Sex- are proud of our representatives in the prestigious Might of Beerstein. Their do honour the Presipality and the Mermaid.

Seven of nine joined the escort of the Royal Tourists when they left the Presipality en route for Hetzenberg; these two went straight to Beerstein as harbingers to prepare the arrival of the others, their accomodation, individual affectation to the units of the Foreign legion, tayloring of their uniforms… Nothing official, but it would not be surprising that they brought with them gifts as souvenirs from Monte-Cristo, for instance an Adelaine mare (O5.15."09 comment) for the Reich Duchess.

As part of our peculiar cultural heritage, the average Monte-Cristan girl fights as well as most trained men. Respectful of the uniform and ‘civilized’ look of their new units, the vivandieres will not carry the traditional self-defense weapon of Monte-Cristan women (a scythe blade turne dinto a kind of machete, carried across the back, the hilt protuding over the ‘good hand’ shoulder). But they don’t want to be seen as purely ornemental mascots.

There are several Sororities in the Presipality; regardless of their official aim and normal activities, their members are expected and trained to act, in case of need, as first-aid workers / paramedics / nurses / medical orderlies (and the Societies *may* also cover basic military training?).
Appearances may be totally misleading –specially in Monte-Cristo. Yet, among the vivandieres, a (slightly chubby) *almost* stern looking one may well be a member of the Compagnes de la Bonne Mort (‘She-fellows of the Good Death’) {see O1.25. "09 comment}: they perform or lead the funeral rituals for their neighbourhood but –we are in Monte-Cristo- their main activity is to meet periodically for banquets in memoriam their deceased ‘Sisters’.
A comely and cheerful one on the other hand could be a member of the Sacrees SÅ“urs de Sainte Jezebel (‘Holy Sisters of St Jezebel’ [«the Patron Saint of lost causes» / «Our Lady of the Night»]) {see 11.03. "07 comment }: their ‘core’ activities are secret, but (again, we are in Monte-Cristo) when acting as nurses they are known to confort the wounded in ways not speaken of but leaving the survivors with amazed memories.

Could one of them be a Presipapal agent (if indeed such do exist : «Governement denies knowledge» &c…)? If one of them resigns and is replaced within the eleven next months, it will be a possible clue: the rumours states that, owing to their peculiar recruitment, members of the Service cannot be away from Monte-Cristo more than 364 consecutive days.

P.S.: Why does this interminable comment make me think of what could have be the title of a painting by Dali «Leech hijacking a thread»?

Fitz-Badger said...

Ach, it's loverly, 'tis. The lads are bonnie, too!
All of Saxe-Urquhart is proud of oor lads and their commander Anguish MacDour of clan Haggis this day!
(shemelessly "borrowing" the name Anguish from George MacDonald Fraser's book "The Reavers")

Frankfurter said...

and who made the female figures?

tidders said...

Nice looking unit. The officers figure pose is rather animated and look like they are preparing to dance the highlan fling.

-- Allan