Monday, November 24, 2008

King Ludwig of Bavaria offers military assistance!

King Ludwig of Bavaria exercises two Infantry Brigades and his Cavalry in preparation for a possible campaign in the Barony of Brewswick.

Two Bavarian Infantry Brigades and a 12 pound foot battery being deployed.

Two Bavarian Infantry Brigades and their artillery on the march. The near brigade is comprised of the Prinz Maximilien Musketeers, the Preysing Musketeers, and the Bettendorf Musketeers.

Herzog Xavier's column led by Morawitsky's Grenadiers, followed by the Maffey Musketeers, the Leib Musketeers, the Holenstein Musketeers, and Capt Minucci's Battery.

Herzog Clemens' Brigade formed into line of advance.

General Babb leads the Bavarian Cavalry comprised of the Leib Horse Grenadiers, the Taxis Kuirassiers, the Lutzberg Kuirassiers, and the Prinz Hohenzollern Dragoons.

General Babb's Bavarian Cavalry deployed into a line of battle.


Prinz Geoffrey said...

looks really nice. I love the Bavarian colors.

Fitz-Badger said...

That's a respectable amount of military assistance! I like the colors, too.

CWT said...

A fine show - I especially like the little limber for your guns.


Martin said...

Hi Cap'n Bill,

So...Bavarians and Beersteins eh?! It's a "natural combination". Just be sure that they don't imbibe enough to be unavailable and ineffective on the martial field. Perhaps the promise of a couple barrels of the "Winter Dark" brew per regiment AFTER the campaign would nip any potential problems in the bud!
All in all that is an impressive expedition. The Hanoverians and their allies had best tread lightly!