Wednesday, November 19, 2008

British and Hanoverian forces near Barony of Brewswick

British Foot Guards
British Foot Grenadiers
Argyll's 3rd Foot
North's 10th Foot
Royal Irish 18th Foot
Hamilton's 34th Foot
42nd Highlanders

British Horse Guards
Lumley's 8th Horse
Hay's Dragoons
Essex's Dragoons

Hanover Foot Guards
Hanover Foot Grenadiers
Hanover Regt Mechlemburg
Hanover Regt von Tozin
Hanover Regt von Goden

Hanover Grenadiers zu Pferde
Hanover Horse Regt Hammerstein
Hanover Horse Regt von Groden
Hanover Dragoon Regt von Pentz
Hanover Dragoon Regt von Voigt

Photos of these units was accidently posted on the Osterreich Uber Alles site


abdul666 said...

And a fine and impressive force they are!
Man, *how many armies* do you own?


Capt Bill said...

I have a complete set of armies for every country for the Marlborough, 7YW, and Napoleonic period in 25MM and the same in 15MM minus the Marlborough period. I will gradually post pictures of all my unit if for no other reason than to document ownership. Thanks for the inquiry...

David said...

Wow - that's a big collection! Loo forward to seeing the pictures. :-)