Tuesday, November 11, 2008

General Reich Graf James von Beerstein returns covered in glory!

Our beloved brother, General Reich Graf James von Beerstein, recently led a successful expedition in support of Elector Ulrich von Luftberg’s campaign against the Kingdom of Aschenback. In recognition of the stout defense of our infantry during the Battle of Althirschburg, Reich Graf James was awarded the newly instituted Luftberg Order de l’Ananas. Upon the strong recommendation of James, Brigadier General Ludwig Third Baron of Brewski is promoted to Major General of Cavalry and is inducted into the Order of the Goblet. Battle Streamers are also awarded to the Landbier Grenadiers, the Warsteiner Fusiliers, and the Michelob and Lowenbrau Musketeers.

On a more somber note, Reich Graf James reports that British, Hanoverian, and Dutch troops were massing on the border of our Protectorate; the Barony of Brewswick. Although the Prussians have long claimed ties to the Barony of Brewswick, the terms of their recent defeat precludes them from directly intervening in the Reich Duchy of Beerstein’s area of influence. Clearly the Prussians have sent their allies to do their bidding. While this disturbing report was immediately sent to the Reichstag for action, Reich Duke Wilhelm has ordered all military units to begin mobilizing.

Reich Graf James parades his victorious infantry for Reich Duke Wilhelm

Major General Ludwig Third Baron of Brewski presents his heavy cavalry

F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm toasts the units that were sent to assist our gallant allies


Bluebear Jeff said...

It sounds like it will be a bit longer before the Reich Duchy can enjoy some peaceful times.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

tidders said...

Nicely setup march past.

More trouble brewing ? I'm sure your forces will be triumphant

-- Allan

Frankfurter said...

Absolutely lovely.
I'm wondering about the make up of the Duke's family ... the Duchess Lynda being already married ... however, indiscrete rumors have it that Picklemany, being a disolute Italian after all, has expressed sincere regrets that he had not encountered her when they was younger ...
(okay, somebody asked about romance in our imagi-nations, and those lovely pictures sprang to mind) ...

CWT said...

As fine a body of troops as I ever led on a battlefield! If the allies of Prussia receive the same welcome that the Aschenbach Grenadiers got at Althirschburg, the barony is safe indeed!

Elector U. von Luftberg