Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reinforcement arrive in Beerstein

Marshall Mienrad Schwerertinker leads the Strohs Mercenary Uhlans and the Hopsberg Dragoons in review for Reich Duke Wilhelm at the Kronenberg Arsenal. The troops and building just arrived from Little John at Lead Gardens.The Reich Duke, Duchess Lynda, and the ArchBishop of Beerstein marvel at the Mercenany Uhlans lead by Col. Kolodziejczyk.The Strohs Uhlans are seen passing throught the village of Pabst.Another view of the village of Pabst.Reich Duke Wilhelm lifts a tankard to the Hopsberg Dragoon formerly in Austrian service and recently in service to the Duke of Grolstein.A company of the de Grassen light infantry are deployed in a grove outside the village of Pabst.The de Grassen light Battalion can be seen drawn up in line behind the grove. The unit was recently mounted by Der Alte Fritz.Archbishop Honking Thirst blesses the Strohs Uhlans as they pass his Heineken Abbey.
The Strohs Uhlans as seen by the Archbishop and a mounted Beerstein General.


Izzak Grimnebulin said...

All in Hesse-Kassoulet are agog at the wonderful uniforms and soldierly bearing of these men. Bravo!

Bluebear Jeff said...

They look grand, sir.

-- Jeff

Prince Lupus said...

Quite splendid, now I must have some lancers.

tidders said...

Nice additions to you forces

-- Allan