Saturday, January 21, 2012

More reinforcements for Beerstein

Col. Volger's Freicops move through a grove as the von Pfuhlstein Musketeers form into line.

Reich Duke Wilhelm and Duchess Lynda watch his new musketeers pass in review.
The Erbprinz Fusiliers von Kluge march through the Village of Pabst.
The new Bleiherzen Infantry Brigade pass in review for the Reich Duke at his Arsenal at Kronenberg.
Col. Gerlach's Jagers screen the new Infantry Brigade.
The von Pfuhlstein Musketeers and Fusiliers von Kluge march in line of battalions.
The Volger's Freikorps Cavalry form up in front of a grove near the Village of Pabst.


Prince Lupus said...

Hurrah, we all love a review. Thanks for sharing

David said...

Splendid! :-)


tidders said...

Hourah ! more lovely additions to you armies

-- Allan