Monday, September 12, 2011

Reich Duke Wilhelm withdraws from Naples

Reich Duke Wilhelm summons reserves to stem the Sicilian attack in the center.

Beerstein Infantry attack and overrun the Sicilian Heavy Battery.

The Sicilian Heavy Cavalry attack the Beerstein Loyal Pensioners and are repulsed.

On the Beerstein left flank, the Sicilian Grenadiers are victorious and can only be stopped by the valiant counter attack of Prince Wilhelm and the Holstein Leib Hussars.

On the Beerstein right flank, all efforts to drive off the Sicilian Infantry fail.

The situation is only stabilized by the presence of the Beeretein Cuirassiers.

An overview of the closing phase of the battle. Although the Sicilians were near their breaking point, the Beerstein army failed its morale test and withdrew. The Beerstein Cavalry were able to cover their infantry's retreat as the Sicilians were unable to follow up on their success.


tidders said...

Have enjoyed your recent battle reports - nice setup and games

-- Allan

Mark Daymont said...

Very unfortunate news for Reich Duke Wilhelm. Will he make a press statement soon?

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