Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Battle for Naples part II

Two Beerstein Brigades make a mad dash to take an unoccupied Naples.

As the Sicilian right advance, the Beertsein cavalry retire behind their infantry.

A better view of the retiring Beerstein cavalry.

The Sicilian rigt flank are seen attempting to envelop the Beerstein left flank.

As the cavalry try to reform behind their infantry, the Beerstein Infantry form a hingle behind the Slitz Battery.

The Beerstein Infantry have occupied Naples and await an attack in their center. The conclusion of this near run battle will be seen in the next dispatch. By the way, all photos can be expanded twice to provide greater detail.


Prince Lupus said...

Looks splendid - Hurrah for Beerstein

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wargamer1972 said...

Huzzah! Great report.

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