Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reich Duke Wilhelm turns Sixty Four

Austrian Heavy Artillery fire a salute to honor Reich Duke Wilhelm's Birthday.
Two Austrian Batteries join ia a salute to honor the Reich Duke's Birthday.

A Bavarian Brigade march to celebrate Reich Duke Wilhelm.

A Hungarian Brigade pass in review for Reich Duke Wilhelm.

Reich Duke Wilhelm toasts the senior Hungarian Regiment.

Austrian Hussars and Horse Grenadiers salute Reich Duke Wilhelm.

The Austrian Dragoon Brigade passes in review to honor Reich Duke Wilhelm.


Jiminho said...


The cannons of Koprow Castle and bells of St. Vladimir's in Klow ring out in celebration!

Long live Reich Duke Wilhelm!

Have fun!


Der Alte Fritz said...

Nice looking army! It is great to see the units on the table top.

David said...

And a very happy birthday to the Reich Duke from David Linienblatt and the people of Tippelbruder! The bells in the cathedral of Tippelbruder will be rung in celebration. David Linienblatt has commissioned a birthday surprise for the Duke from his emporium which the seamstresses will shortly be putting together...

abdul666 said...

Happy birthday to you, youngster!

Prince Lupus said...

Many Happy Returns.

A 64 gun salute will ring out from the castle walls.

ColCampbell50 said...


A happy birthday volley from the men at ColCampbell's Barracks will be fired this evening prior to dinner.

Many happy returns!


justMike said...

His Majesty de St. Maurice wishes to convey his congratulations and an apology. The heavy battey of the St. Maurician Guards Legion attempted to fire a salute in your honor, but ran out of gun powder on round 56. Happy Birthday!

Fitz-Badger said...

Happy birthday to the Reich Duke!

Martin said...

Huzzah For Cap'n Bill,

The news just reached Raubenstadt! The Felsigburg shall be wreathed with smoke from the artillery salutes. Many Happy Returns!

The Markgraaf

Soldadets said...

Warmest congratulations from Queen Elisenda of Galatea, Sir. A bottle of the finest Galatan champenoise has been egorgée in Reich Duke Wilhelm's honour at Her table tonight.