Monday, August 23, 2010

Landgrave of Lorraine troops on parade

Gardes de Alsace Grenadiers and Getz Militia Fusiliers march on.

Gardes de Alsace Grenadier in line. Gotta love those Minden figures.

Getz Militia Fusiliers and Lorraine Militia Fusiliers on parade.

A closer look at the Getz Militia Fusiliers. Figures by Sash and saber.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I really like the look of the Getz Militia uniforms.

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Stout looking lads one and all. They are worthy additions to the Reich Duchy!


abdul666 said...

Pleasantly looking, business-like regiments.

I think you 'carried' the colors patterns of French (or soon-to-be French) historical units onto ± 'Prussian' minis: interesting and inspirational.

abdul666 said...

I suppose Catholic Lorraine is aligned with Austria?

tidders said...

You've been a busy bee - nice looking regiments - like the Gardes de Alsace Grenadiers the most

-- Allan

Mary said...

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David said...

Fine new additions to the army! :-)