Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prinz Wilhelm II joins Maj Gen von Coors as Aide

Prinz Wilhelm II von Beerstein leaves the University of Pabst to join Major General Adolph von Coors as his Aide for the upcoming campaign in Alesgarden. Young Wilhelm is on the right pointing out something of interest to General von Coors.
Brigadier General Baron Ludwig von Brewski and his Aide Captain Moore Hops will command the Cavalry for the expedition. Baron von Brewski is an aggressive combat commander who earned his promotion on the battlefield, at the River Ales crossing, against the dreaded Prussians.

The General and his Aide lead the Corona Cuirassiers.

A closeup of the Falstaff Dragoons with their new battle ensign.

The proud Holstein Leib Hussars will screen the army as it advances into Alesgarden.


Jiminho said...

Captain Bill,

You are fielding a delightful corps of cavalry! Very nice work.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I concur with Jim. Very nice looking cavalry.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Yes, very nice cavalry!

Now that we're getting some nice cool weather where I live I'm trying to get back into painting. Have a few minis in progress.

MurdocK said...

Simply superb minis.

Unfortunately I shall not have the exact color match for uniforms, though I am working on having the flags to ID the different units.

CWT said...

Your cavalry is excellent, and far superior to my own efforts. I'm greatly impressed, and encouraged on to improve in my own efforts!


A J said...

Delightful figures, sir! I'm sure Prinz Wilhelm will do very well in his new duties.