Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beerstein Expeditionary Force enters Alesgarden

Brigadier General Barley Anheuser, a motivated political hack, proudly leads his Second Brigade: the Olendenberg Grenzers, the Isenbeck Musketeers, the Pabst Musketeers, and his supply train north through the Barony of Alesgarden. He recently got a report that a captured Hesse-Holstadt agent had escaped with the help of an unidentified foreign cavalry unit.

Brigadier General Lager Biermann, the steady and reliable Commander of the First Brigade, crosses the River Amstal under the protection of the Warsteiner Fusiliers.

In preparation for the river crossing, Brigidier Biermann deployed the Blatz Artillery battery and sent the Warsteiner Fusilier across the bridge first to protect the Landbier Grenadiers and his Monte-Cristo Vivandiere supply train.


Frankfurter said...

Good eye candy ... any pictures of the foe yet?

Capt Bill said...

I'm not sure what MurdocK has in mind, so I can't really post anything that would interfere with his plan. After the battle, I will post the troops of the Covenant of Colin...

Mad Carew said...

Wonderful looking figures!

Peter said...


very inspiring pictures. You gave the armies of the DDU a morale boost. Of course I have to paint the doors first and next the kitchen and there's that ceiling that needs redoing...Where do I fill in the form to get days lasting longer than 24 hours?


tidders said...

Loevly looking troops

Somethings brewing up - looking forward to the battle

== Allan

Fitz-Badger said...

Brewing... chuckle

Looking forward to seeing how this shapes up.