Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The French push the Beersteiners back

The Beersteiners brace for the French attack on their right flank.
The British Brigades hold of the French advance in the center.
The Beerstein Cuirassier ride down a French Brigade, but are met by French Cuirassiers.
French Artillery destroy Beerstein Brigades in advance of the French charge.
The French defend Heineken Abbey as the British are victorious in the center.
Duc de Joseph rallies his victorious Cuirassiers.
The French Artillery continue to pound the hapless Beerstein Infantry Brigades.
The British and Beerstein troops are forced to retire under cover of darkness.


MurdocK said...

Love the Onion topped dome of the Church!

David said...

A splendidly illustrated account - very nicely done! You have a wonderful collection of troops.

All the best,


Allan Tidmarsh said...

great battle report - drat thos french. The Beersteiners will give them a good drubbing next time I hope

-- Allan

Scheck said...

Poor Beerstein, such a beautiful army and then so inferior against the French.
Beautiful battle report, well done!!

Emilylee Emilylee said...

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