Friday, November 14, 2014

Reich Duke Wilhelm pays tribute to SKIPPER

After a long and happy life Skipper has gone to an even better place to join his brothers Captain Butler and Commodore. Skipper was in his eighteenth year and will be sorely missed.
What a wonder lad!!!


Fitz-Badger said...

Skipper looks like a sweet cat. I've known a number of orange cats over the years and they often seem to have a sweet and/or open personality.
Rest in peace.

Phil said...

Sorry to hear of your loss Bill.
Thoughts are with you.

Bluebear Jeff said...

My sympathies are with you, Bill. May Skipper and Ross Macfarlane's Hector both enjoy romps and naps together in the meadows of Summerland.

-- Jeff

A J said...

So sorry for your loss, Bill. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge and will be in good company.

Capt Bill said...

Thanks for all of your kind words. It amazes me how many people are aware of the Rainbow Bridge...Bill

David said...

So sorry to hear that, Bill. I know how hard it hits losing a much-loved cat. We lost our oldest rescue cat Purdie suddenly on the 17th October and we miss him terribly.

Sorry not to have seen this until now; I've been out of things for a while for various reasons.

Hope all's well with you.

All the best,