Monday, March 12, 2012

Military review at the Kronenberg Arsenal

Reich Duke Wilhelm raises his tankard to the Beerstein Infantry Brigade.

The Landbier Grenadiers pass in review.
The Isenbeck Musketeers pass under the gaze of the royal retinue.
The Guinness Musketeers honor the Reich Duke and Duchess of Beerstein.
The Warsteiner Fusiliers parade in front of the Kronenberg Arsenal.
The Carlsberg Musketeers match on.
Graf James von Beerstein leads the heavy cavalry.
The bold Kronenberg Cuirassiers troops in front of their barracks.
The Pilsner Horse Grenadiers are the "Pride of Beerstein."


abdul666 said...

Eye-candy at its best!

Jiminho said...

A nice-looking unit and a superb chateau! well done!

paint pig said...

Hesse Kassoulet diplomats and visiting citizenry compliment the Reich Duke on the parade. Reports have reach the court here in Uppendufsk of the splendid uniforms and sturdy bearing of the troops.