Friday, August 5, 2011

Battle of Alsfeld part I: Duchy of Hesse-Boozewick vs the vile French

On the far left of the Hesse-Boozewick line Brigadier Graf Hiram Walker's Cuirassiers deploy. To their right is his his brothers infantry brigade. Brigadier Baron Johnny Walker "Black" leads the Seagrams Fusiliers and the Ballantine Musketeers. Brigadier Dunhill massed his brigade on a small hill facing the French center. His Glenfiddich Grenadiers and Murphy's Musketeers were merely to demonstrate and hold the French in place.

In the center of the Hesse-Boozewick line, Marshal Lord Calvert positioned the White Horse Battery. To the right of the battery, Brigadier Prince Jack Daniels brigade is formed up in column of attack. His orders were to attack the village of Alsfeld with the Schenley's Musketeers using the Meyers Musketeers as support.

On the Hesse-Boozewick far right is Brigadier von Jameson's Glenlivet Fusiliers and the Crown Royal Garde zu Fuss. Jameson's Brigade was to maneuver to the right of Alsfeld and support the main attack.

The French aggressively advance an infantry brigade in the center while their Guard Brigade formed column and extended their line to their right. The French Heavy Cavalry can been seen moving to entend the French line further to their right. On the far right of the French line two cavalry brigades are formed up to face the Hesse-Boozewick cavalry.

As the French Guard move into position, a heavy battery pivots to support the aggressive French advance in the center. Another French Infantry Brigade can be seen retiring from the Boozewick Artillery Battery attempting to form up on the out skirts of Alsfeld.

Brigadier Dunhill's Brigade has come under fire from the French battery as the French Infantry advance on his position. Brigadier Graf Jim Beam's Dragoons have moved up to fill the gap between the Hesse-Boozewick Infantry and their Cuirassiers.

Brigade Dunhill watches as the French approach and begins to hope Baron Johnny Walker's Brigade will turn and flank the attacking French.

Meanwhile on the Hesse-Boozwick right, Prince Jack Daniels begins to double out his columns into line. The Meyers Musketeer, still in column, can be seen charging a French Infantry Battalion.

From another angle, the Schenley's Musketeers can be seen assaulting the village of Alsfeld. As fate would have it, both attacks were won by the Boozewickers forcing the French to retire several hundred paces.

On the Hesse-Boozewick left, the Dragoons attacked the French cavalry and drove both regiments back several hundred paces. The French Infantry can be seen fast approaching Baron Walker's Brigade while the French Artillery continues pounding his exposed infantry. The battle report will continue is future dispatches.


abdul666 said...

Uncertainty and eye-candy: thanks for the enjoyment!

Fitz-Badger said...

Yes, nice report and photos!

David said...

Splendid - look forward to the conclusion of the battle.



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