Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Landgrave of Lorraine attacks Barony of Brewswick

Brig Louis St. Pern leads his Languedoc and Limoges Cuirassiers on the left flank.

The Lorraine center is composed of Brig James Ferry's first line (Provence, Burgandy, and Champagne Battalions) and Brig Edmond Villiaume's second line (Lorraine Guards and Chablis Battalions).

The Lorraine right flank is anchored on the Abbey of Heineken. The Loire Grenzers protect the Grenoble Artillery Battery.

As Brig Duc Ferry's advance in the center, Beerstein's Brig Graf Lager Bierman's Augerbrau and Isenbeck Musketeers form a two line defense on the left.

Maj Gen, Sir David Linienblatt advances the Warsteiner Fusiliers and the Pabst Musketeers on the right to try to stem the Lorraine advance. The Warsteiner Fusiliers take aim at the Burgundy Battalion and fire a devastating first volley. Despite the losses, the Lorraine Infantry continue their advance.

After a stout defensive action, the Lorraine first line falls back several hundred paces to regroup. Brig St. Pern was able to quickly rally his troops and continues his attack on the brave Beerstein boys. The Battle rages on and will be continued in a future dispatch.


Prince Lupus said...

Hurrah for Beerstein!

abdul666 said...

'Lorraine' brings fond memories of the 'Grand Duche de Lorraine' in "The War Game". Great eye-candy, looking forward to enjoy the full battle report!
Cheers and thanks.

justMike said...

Lovely little engagement. His Majesty's heart is with the Lorrainers, but we in St. Maurice appreciate a good looking battle regardless of the outcome (unless we are on the receiving end). Great looking armies and a nice presentation. - Mike

Die alte Aechzener said...

Lor-raine! Lor-raine!! Hurrah!

Beautiful setup/start, and lovely troops as always - I look forward to the denouement, and the eventual victory of the forces of Right, Truth, and Alcohol!

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