Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Lorraine troops muster on our border

Landgrave of Lorraine columns emerge from a small village on our border.

The Loire Grenzer screen two Lorraine Brigades on the move.

Our local agent views the entire length of the Lorraine troops from a high hill.

Another view of the Lorraine maneuvers.

The converged Grenadiers form the extreme left flank.

The Lorraine Commander directs his brigades. The Champagne Battalion is brigaded with the Lorraine Guard Battalion in their distinctive blue uniforms. The Chablis with their purple facings are paired with the converged grenadiers.


Duke Kristjan the II said...

If the Reich Duchy of Beerstein is in need we will aid them any way possible.

David said...

And yet more splendid troops! This lot are going to be a real handful, I can see...



Die alte Aechzener said...

Magnificent troops! I'm sure they will swell the coffers of the innkeepers and madames of Beerstein, when they commence their grand tour (I understand the Lorrainers tip well, too)

tidders said...

nice looking addition to your collection.

-- Allan