Sunday, May 1, 2011

Empress Maria Theresa to attend royal wedding

Reich Duke Wilhelm has issued a proclamation announcing the royal wedding of his son Prince Wilhelm II, Baron of Brewswick to Lady Louise von Pilsner. The couple met while attending the University of Pabst. He father, Lieutenant General Baron Rupert von Pilser has return from campaigning to attend the wedding. Empress Maria Theresa, Prince Wilhelm's Godmother traveled from Vienna to attend the gala. The wedding is planned for May 15th and Ambassadors and Royalty are already arriving in the Beerstein Capital of Kronenberg.


ColCampbell50 said...

The Mragraviate of Carpania and the Duchies of Courland and Sachsen-Wachsenstein wish the couple much happiness in their wedded bliss. A gun salute will be fired on May 15 in all three state capitols to honor the nuptials!


tidders said...

Capt Bill,

will gladly do my best to do some suitable photos of the great event using my palace etc as a backdrop.

Can you E-Mail me on

and let me know what sort of thing you would like ? (wedding, procession, gun salute , reception at palace ?? ) . I'll do the piccies and E-mail them to you

-- Allan