Friday, October 15, 2010

Landgrave of Lorraine Dragoons sighted

The Cremant d'Alsace Dragoons strut their stuff.

Brigadier Armond d' Clermont leads the Landgrave of Lorraine Dragoons. The Brigade consists of the Cote Rotte Dragoons and the Cremant d' Alsace Dragoons. Fine lads all!


David said...

Ah, there's a sight to stir the heart! Cavalry in full gallop... :-)



abdul666 said...

Great-looking units... with inspiring names.

tidders said...

More great looking units.

where do you keep them all - you must have plenty of storage space ?

-- Allan

Capt Bill said...

Allan, after 40 years I'm almost done collecting. Which is what I've been telling my wife the whole time. However as I am really running out of storage space, this time it might be true!