Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brave Beerstein troops fight Dreaded Prussians to a draw near the village of Hopsberg

Prussian highwater mark in the center

Beerstein Grenzers win honors against Prussian Light Cavalry

Beerstein troops press the Prussian center

Prussia heavy cavalry on their right flank
Prussian center from the Beerstein perspective
Prussian left flank supported by their light cavalry

Beerstein center as viewed by the Prussians

Another view the the Brave Beerstein center

Beerstein heavy cavalry on our left flank

Long view of the battlefield as the troops deploy

Beerstein Grenzers and Dragoons advance on the Prussians left flank

Prussian left flank await the Beerstein Dragoons

Prussians advance all along the line

View of the Prussian main advance
Prussian heavy cavalry await attack by the Beerstein heavy cavalry

Beerstein troops push the Prussian center back and break their morale


Bluebear Jeff said...

Very good-looking troops and an interesting-looking battle.

What rules are you using?

Any chance of doing a series of unit photos?

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

Our group mounted our armies for Might and Reason, but didn't like the rules. We use house rules that allow each commander to build units that are equal to the emeny. I've been wanting to do a photo series of all my armies. Thanks for the inspiration...Bill