Saturday, April 5, 2008


Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein has ordered the establishment of a new university in the town of Pabst. In order to provide the best education possible, Wilhelm is seeking professors, artists, and educators from all realms. Sovereigns willing to participate in this cultural exchange will be recognized by investiture into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard, diplomatic recognition, and an exchange of ambassadors. Professors will be invested into the Order of the Goblet. The University of Pabst will accept noble students from all realms and will provide a true "Blue Ribbon" education. Students from belligerent countries will be under the personal protection Reich Duke Wilhelm. Our motto shall be "Peace through Education."

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Martin said...

Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein,

Your Grace,

Your announcement of the establishment of the University of Pabst, has reached Raubenstadt, and the Markgraaf heartily approves. He is sending his second son, the Ritter Andrew von Meltzer to begin his higher eduction. The Ritter's personal tutor, Professor Boring von Dryasdust, and the Ritter's military aide, Major Honking Thirst, will accompany him.

The Markgraaf hopes that the Professor will find a place among the faculty. He carries a letter of introduction. Major Thirst is also authorized to start negotions on the exchange of Ambassadors.

For The Markgraaf!

Otto von Weisenheimer
Chancellor of Raubenstadt