Thursday, March 27, 2008

Army of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein:

Carling Cuirassiers, Amstel Dragoons, Pilsner Horse Grenadiers
Corona Cuirassiers, Beck's Dragoons, Holsten Hussars
Fosters Cuirassiers , Pabst Dragoons, Isenbeck Hussars
Killians Cuirassiers, Stroh's Dragoons, Schlitz Hussars

Auerbrau Musketeers, Michelob's Musketeers , Falstaff's Battery
Carlsberg Musketeers, San Miguel Musketeers, Kronenberg's Battery
Heineken Musketeers, Schmidt's Musketeers, Furstenberg's Battery
Latbalatt's Musketeers, St. Pauli Musketeers, Molson's Battery
Lowenbrau Musketeers, Yuenling Musketeers, Sharp's Battery

Anheuser Grenadiers, Amberbock Fusiliers, Coors Grenzers
Guinness Grenadiers, Hoegaarden Fusiliers, Millers Lite Grenzers
Landbier Grenadiers , Warsteiner Fusiliers , Oldenberg Grenzers


Martin said...

Hi Cpt. Bill,

An impressive list of armed might. Any chance of some photos being posted? The Markgraaf did notice one glaring omission, though. Where is the regiment from Blatz? (They were a very popular beer here in the Midwest.) Or are they a Frei Korps and not on the "Establishment"?


Martin a.k.a. The Markgraaf of Raubenstadt

Capt Bill said...

My dear Markgraaf, How could I have overlooked Blatz? I have ordered the establishment of a fine jager regiment, so we shall at last have a Blatz in the advanced guard.
Best regards,
Bill a.k.a. Wilhelm von Beerstein